The sexiest revelation in Hannah Brown God bless this mess

Peter ended up suggesting it Hannah Ann Sloss—But before his first season premiered on ABC, Hannah revealed that he called her and told her he already had doubts. And He still has feelings for a runner-up Madison Prewitt.

Hannah saw Peter in person in February 2020, while his season was still airing, at Hannah Goodwin And Dylan BarbourEngagement Party. Not wanting to get too much attention, he texted her when he was out in his car to get out and drive her home. On the way, he tells her that he has already called off it with Hannah Ann and that his attempt to reconnect with Madison has already faltered.

He had a flight in the morning, so he invited her back to his (and his parents’) home while he was packing. His mother offered her brother Peter a room for the night, a scenario that Hannah found “very strange”. Peter texted her, “Come cuddle,” and they ended up having sex.

“Not sure what to say about it,” Hannah wrote, “except that it didn’t look good.” Perhaps not least because of what happened in the morning: I woke up and he was in his uniform. He told her to take her time, that he had to go but his father was looking forward to saying hello. When she went downstairs, Peter was still there, and he offered her $100 to take an Uber. She accepted and had a polite conversation with Peter’s father while she was waiting for her flight.

That night he texted her thanking her for being there for him. She wrote that she was horrified and told him they were “a bit reckless,” to which he replied, “Yeah, we probably shouldn’t play with that fire again.”

In future texts, he was very indifferent to her taste, and then began to talk about his feelings for Madison again.

(Peter emphasized the essence of this revelation, saying: Bachelor in the city Podcast, “We spent the night with each other, and that was it. That was the last time I saw her physically.” And, he added, it wasn’t the same I think we felt originally. But, nevertheless, it was great to talk and to have someone like that understand where I come from”).

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