These were the 25 most popular fashion items in the last month

If you’re reading this, you probably appreciate how much the fashion editors at Who What Wear love shopping. And they’re really good at it. From predicting trends to street style and celebrity clothing identifiers, if it’s worth adding to your wardrobe, we’ve likely written about it and included a handy hyperlink (or, as we like to say, “shop it”). Whether you’re interested in upgrading your ankle boots, replacing worn out bras, or simply finding jeans that best fit your shape, Who What Wear has you covered.

Now, the new month means it’s time to put the spotlight back on our favorite shoppers – YOU!

Below, you’ll find the most popular under-$100 fashion pieces that Who What Wear readers (and let’s be honest, the staff) have already purchased over the past month with some notes on why we love each item, too. Think of it as Who What Wear nominations are loaned from hundreds – sometimes thousands – of our readers, and updated monthly to reflect not only the best purchases we’ve made but what’s still available and really worth adding to your cart.

fascinated by? We hope so. Keep scrolling to see the 25 most popular fashion items our readers bought in October, and be sure to let us know if they should’ve made the list. We may shop until we stop buying, but our direct messages are always open.

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