This is the best camel blazer of 2021

In a few months we’ll be talking about cleaning out the closet, what to get rid of, what to keep and all the organizational stuff – I think the energy at the start of a new year seems to be doing that to people. But no matter if it’s January or the season of spring cleaning, one of the clothing categories I leave untouched is my jackets. You could probably call it sweater addiction. Yes, that means my assortment of them are currently exploding at the seams, but at the frequency that I wear them, it seems like a fair trade. Among my current collection, beauty jackets, in particular, have been receiving a lot of airtime. It’s the shade I reach first (sorry black jackets) and feel especially suited to the balmy winters of Los Angeles.

While camel coats have always been a staple among stylish folks everywhere, its close relative to the jacket wasn’t always ubiquitous. That was until the latest fall-winter runways released dozens of them on shows like Gucci, Fendi, The Row, and more. With its street fashion credibility, the camel jacket is becoming more and more popular not only for those in clothing stores but also inside my own wardrobe. As I consider myself fluent in the language of cool jackets, I took the time to assemble the absolute elegance and the best for your shopping pleasure. Keep scrolling to see them all along with my runway and IRL to keep your juices flowing.

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