Top 5 Reviewed Gaming PCs (2021): Dell, MSI, Origin, and more

keyboards like The Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5 might be great for gaming, but they are hard to come by. Fortunately, a good old gaming PC is always an option. If you want to access the huge library of games on stores like Steam and Epic, we have some of the best gaming PCs collected here.

Because gaming desktops can be upgraded more frequently than consoles, they can deliver high-resolution images unmatched on most other systems. When paired with the right peripherals – a responsive mouse, mechanical keyboard, and a good headset – a gaming PC can quickly become where you spend most of your free time.

Choosing a gaming desktop can be incredibly complicated. There are many specs and factors to consider, including the specs, the types of games you’ll play and the number of thousands of RGB lights you’ll want on them. Building your own PC is also a great option if you want to build your own and upgrade over time, but for everyone else, these are the best gaming desktops we tested at WIRED.

Updated November 2021: We’ve removed the HP Omen and Dell G5 desktop PCs because these models have been discontinued. We also added the NZXT BLD custom build system.

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