Tucker Carlson is late for work after being murdered by hordes of violent minorities again

WASHINGTON – Exploding jogging more than 30 minutes later than his 8 a.m. meeting, Tucker Carlson told co-workers he was late for work Monday because he was killed by hordes of violent minorities again. “Hi everyone, I know I’m late, I would have been here on time had I not been disembodied by the many families of bloodthirsty illegal immigrants who have come to this country to replace us and the American values ​​we hold dear,” said Carlson, who sat down and took a heavy breath before To give the Fox News staff a detailed description of more than twenty minority groups of different races, genders, and genders who brutally beat him to death at every stage. Navigate him.” It’s so annoying, I planned to drive my whole car to get here early, but then he pulled me up. Dozens of lawbreakers got out of my car and beat me to death in a café, a gas station, and even on the highway. I just kept telling them to go home and let me go to my honest and hardworking American job, but they just kept slitting my throat or shooting me in the face and saying Joe Biden had sent them. And now the whole day must be postponed. Normal.” Carlson then proceeded to spend an hour in the bathroom and, upon exiting, told co-workers that an immigrant had unconsciously hit him in a booth and in retaliation, the toilet was clogged.

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