Vanguard VEO Tripod Support EcoSystem Announced

Vanguard is a camera accessory company that is known for doing things differently. The latest version is an all-new set of VEO Support Extensions that will help you extend your camera support use, whether it’s Vanguard or not.

The new VEO Accessories ECO System enables you to transform your tripod from a modest prop into a Mic Boom, lighting or monitor stand, and more.

All new VEO accessories relate to Vanguards’ tripod evolution. The new scope lets you take full advantage of the accessory port on the side of the tripod (if it has one) or the camera hotshoe, of course, depending on the accessory.

This new range stands out because Vanguard engineered VEO accessories to work with any manufacturer support. All that is needed is an accessory port on the side of the tripod or a quick trigger on top of the camera (depending on the accessory).

The first accessory in this new collection is the VEO TSA Tripod Support Arms. The VEO TSA DLX model features a choice of 1/4″ or 3/8″ threads and a flat plate or bayonet. Ball joints are featured at each end of the arms to provide maximum flexibility when it comes to pre-lock positioning.

The VEO TSA DLX will have a suggested retail price of £79.99

The VEO TSA is a lighter arm solution that features a 1/4″ thread and the option to use a 3/8″ adapter. The VEO TSA will retail for £39.99.

Next up is the VEO CSM with a suggested retail price of £9.99. This new cold shoe mount enables you to attach accessories to your camera flash hot shoe. The cold shoe mount features a 1/4″ thread on the base that can be used with the VEO TSA.

The VEO CSM DLX is a more complex cold shoe mount that allows for greater control and versatility. This mount offers +90° to -90° vertical angle adjustment. It also features a magnetic quick release that allows you to attach the accessory to any magnetic surface. The VEO CSM DLX has a suggested retail price of £39.99

If you’re looking to attach several accessories, Vanguard also advertises the VEO CSMM2 and VEO CSMM3 cold shoe counts.

The VEO CSMM2 enables you to mount two attachments spaced 208 mm apart. This retails for £69.99.

The VEO CSMM3 allows up to three attachments and horizontal angle adjustment from +90° to -90°. While this does not have a cold shoe mount, it does feature a 1/4″ thread on the base and has a recommended retail price of £49.99.

Finally, the company released the VEO TC M, a heavy-duty tablet connector with a slot width of 220 mm. This has a suggested retail price of £49.99.

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