Viral video shows ex-NFL player Zack Stacy attacking a woman near an infant

A circulating video shows former NFL player Zach Stacy brutally attacking a woman by hitting and punching her. The video appears to have originated from a page created by the abused woman in the clips. Her name is listed as Kris Evans. The Instagram account has only one post on the page, which contains three clips of the attack.

“Please get this guy behind bars,” Chris Evans allegedly wrote. “This is me and the father of my son. He is a former NFL player who runs Zack Stacy, and he played for Vanderbilt. Please help me get justice.”

The infant is seen and heard in the syllables. He was lying on the sofa a few feet away from the violence. His cries can be heard as his mother bumps into objects in the living room, including a TV and a baby walker.

According to TMZ, the accident happened at his ex-girlfriend’s house last Saturday. Their sources say Zack got angry during an argument. The woman can be heard pleading with Zack as he constantly hits her, hits her, and shoots her all over the place. She reportedly called the police immediately after Zach left and filed a restraining order.

In the caption, she said that Zach is running from the police.

“He is currently fleeing Florida from aggravated assault charges in Nashville, Tennessee,” she wrote.

This is an evolving story.

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