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Nicknamed “Black Widow” by Italian newspapers, confessed Reggiani, but was known as “Lady Gucci” in more elegant circles. Wants Furious at his impending marriage to a woman much younger than him and his windfall of $170 million from selling his Gucci stock in 1993, her ex-husband died, two years after their divorce ended. She admitted that she was happy after his death, believing that all her problems were finally gone.

She told the writer she maintained her innocence of the pay-murder plot Sarah Jay Forden In correspondence from prison, “Maurizio was a man whom I loved very much, despite all his faults.”

Reggiani and four of his accomplices were convicted of the murder after a five-month trial in 1998.

Born in the northern city of Vignola in humble circumstances, she and Maurizio Gucci They were 24 years old when they married in 1973 – despite his father Rodolfo GucciFears.

“Be careful, Maurizio,” Rodolfo told him in Forden 2000. Gucci House. “I have received information about the girl. I do not like her voice at all. I am told that she is vulgar, ambitious and a social climber who thinks of nothing but money. Maurizio is not the right girl for you.”

His son replied, “Papa, I can’t leave her. I love her.”

Reggiani persuaded Maurizio to be more ambitious in his role at Gucci, and during their marriage he became president of the company. “As a younger man, he looked to Patrizia for support and strength to stand up to his father, but when he gained power, he felt oppressed by her criticism,” Forden said. New York Post. They separated in 1985.

She was first sentenced to 29 years in prison for paying $375,000 to kill Maurizio, and an appeals court reduced her sentence to 26 years and was released in October 2016. In 2017, according to Britain telegraph, a court has legally awarded her an annual allowance of $1.2 million from Maurizio’s estate, plus late payments from the 17 years she was in prison, under the terms of the agreement he signed two years before his murder.

“Maurizio always loved me, he wanted me to get the best,” said Patrizia. People Magazine Investigates: Fashion Crimes In 2018. “But it completely changed.” She also said vaguely, “I’m not guilty but I’m not innocent. It was all a misunderstanding.”

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