We all constantly play some kind of role no matter what

Rejoice, RPG fans, because we have some good news for you. It turns out that as humans living in a modern society, we all play some kind of role, no matter what. In fact, this appears to be the most basic human condition!

That’s right, players. While you might think that the only time you live in a character is when you play titles like Final Fantasy or ancient scrollsYou also, in a way, put a similar facade into your daily interactions with the people around you.

It doesn’t matter if they are complete strangers or your closest friends; There is an element of resourcefulness that is inherent in all the social interactions that make it as imaginative as the ones you have with computer-generated guild leaders, mages, and shopkeepers. You know what that means? You basically play an RPG at all times, even in your most intimate moments.

And the best part? There is no escape from the great charade of human life!

We can all, of course, strive to be our “original selves,” but upon closer examination, you’ll find that each of us fills a predetermined role prescribed to us by society at large, just like how you choose to be a warrior, healer, or wizard. As we try to distinguish ourselves from those around us, what we consider unique aspects of our personalities are nothing more than elements of armor that we prepare and unthinkingly dismantle, revealing the bare essential nothingness beneath.

This basic fact is true whether you prefer an MMO, tactical RPGS, dungeon crawlers, or a life simulator, you name it. Our existence is nothing more than one big performance, and deception is an essential part of how we relate to one another. You may not be casting spells or swinging a sword around, but once it’s you, you play a character, as is everyone else around you.

So the next time you’re having a meeting with your boss or asking someone out on a date, remember that you’re basically striving! Isn’t that cool?! We certainly think so.

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