We love trends that have a long life, and these new pieces do just that

Who’s in the mood for some new shopping picks? Since you’re a Who What Wear reader and found yourself in this very story, we think we already know what the answer is. While we don’t need an excuse to discuss the latest fashion items we’re concerned about, we think the start of a new month is a very good reason. We’re approaching the end of November, and we’re still offering plenty of new and exciting pieces to look at, courtesy of our Who What Wear collection.

In case you’re not already familiar with our line, we’re dropping new pieces every month, so our collection of modern classics is always up to date, and today, we’re diving into one of our most amazing collections yet. With the holidays approaching, we’ve been dreaming of a series of pleated dresses, shearling jackets, and luxe leather fabrics that will keep you dressed for the rest of 2021 (and beyond). Naturally, our editors and staff were rummaging through all of these before we released them, so we’ve tried and reviewed them for you, as we tend to do.

Simply follow along to see how we design the latest pieces from Who What Wear Collection and then, of course, shop our favorites.

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