Western Digital ends support for older versions of My Cloud OS, affecting many products: Digital Imaging Review

Western Digital (WD) has announced that it will end support for previous generations of My Cloud OS, including My Cloud OS 2 and 3. The company also announced that My Cloud OS 5 compatible devices will not support previous generations of My Cloud. OS. If your device is compatible with My Cloud OS 5, which you can check here, you must upgrade now to maintain remote access to your storage device.

My Cloud OS 5 was released in March of this year and includes major security updates to address vulnerabilities. In June, we wrote about a vulnerability in My Book Live devices that resulted in some users losing their data. Two weeks later, it became apparent that a similar security risk affected additional Network Attached Storage (NAS) hard drives.

WD seems to simply stop supporting devices with specific security risks instead of doing the tedious task of updating device compatibility with the latest update. WD wrote, “Western Digital strives to provide reliable and trustworthy storage solutions to businesses and consumers alike. We are constantly evaluating and improving our hardware, software, and services as security standards evolve. As a result, we have determined that it is necessary to end support for previous generations of My Cloud OS, including That’s My Cloud OS 3 and WD Cloud OS 2. As a note, there is no My Cloud OS 4.

This conflicts with Western Digital’s Product Lifecycle Support policy, which promises standard product updates for up to eight years. Of course the company reserves the right to change this policy in the face of security concerns which is the current situation.

There are two main histories that WD customers should know. On January 15, 2022, My Cloud OS 5 compatible devices will no longer support previous generations of My Cloud OS. After January 15, remote access, security updates, and technical support will no longer be provided. On April 15, 2022, support for previous generations of My Cloud OS will end. If your device is not compatible with the current operating system, My Cloud OS 5, you will only be able to access the storage device locally. You no longer have remote access, receive updates, or have technical support. WD recommends that any of these devices be backed up, disconnected from the Internet, and protected with a strong, unique password.

If you do not have a WD device compatible with My Cloud OS 5 but would like to continue using Western Digital products, WD will send a 20% discount coupon to affected WD device owners in January 2022. The coupon will be good for 90 days and you will not be required to send in your device the old. To view the list of devices to which the discount will be distributed, click here.

On this page, Western Digital also created the FAQ. It discusses many topics, including what makes My Cloud OS 5 different from My Cloud OS 3, how to protect your existing data, various policy concerns and more.

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