What is Remy Bader Shopping, watching, dreaming and more

E!: Who is your role model?

RB: I’m very close to both of my parents, but my dad works in the fashion industry and sells women’s jeans and has always worked with plus-size women and made his lines all-size. It’s crazy right now to wear and work with his brands, but also partner with him. He was always my go-to for business and fashion advice. I’ve had cancer three times and never missed a day’s work, so it always gave me the motivation to work.

E!: What are some things we might see on your TikTok FYP?

RB: You’ll see some chubby models, but my videos are pretty random. I love a lot of singing videos, TikTok dramas, funny dances or plays. Comments on videos are the best. My sister and I send videos to each other and say “comments” because people say what you think.

E!: Which TikTok creators would you recommend to someone who just downloaded the app?

RB: I think it’s hard to say because people like such different things but Erica Priscilla is really funny. You should follow The D’Amelios or Addison Rae because those are the biggest people on the app.

E!: What was your first TikTok app that went viral?

RB: It was my first video Chloe Kardashian Size 16 body. I dressed her exactly but with other brands, except for the T-shirt from her brand. I got some opinions but not many. Not many people have seen the first four videos. This was probably my 5th video where I started making realistic clothing moving videos when it went viral.

E!: What’s your favorite opportunity since the outbreak of the virus?

RB: I think the Aerie Real campaign was really cool because there were a lot of people out there who had a bigger following than me. The fact has been implied was in the people The magazine was very exciting for me. It was about being real, not about adjusting yourself and being okay with what you are in your body. It is always exciting to have a brand campaign aligned with your brand. When I talk about these things, I never want them to come across because you always need to be happy and positive and feel good every day in your body because that’s the point – that’s not how I feel.

E!: What is your advice to your fans?

RB: My whole message on TikTok is that it’s okay to struggle sometimes. There are a lot of things we might not like about ourselves, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t live and enjoy life. We all struggle, but we can get through this journey together. The more things are shared and talked about, the better.

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