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Let us once again welcome Blanche Bourgeois as she shares “Overcoming Rejection: What’s Your Commodity?” Enjoy!


Do you remember the first rock concert you attended?

Full of excitement and anticipation, you navigate the brightly lit and still somewhat dark corridors of the auditorium to reach your seat.

There, it is conveniently located next to the entrance, sat in the merch booth. T-shirts hung on a black background, CDs on the table, and ball caps with the band’s logo affixed to the front.

It’s all waiting for you to buy them from a guy who is a little superficial and achieve your goal of getting a little closer to the rock star hitting the stage that night.

So… what if you were a rock star?

As authors, we spend most of our lives dealing with the big “R” rejection.

Even the most famous writers talk about sending story after book after article after novel.

Stephen King stabbed rejection letters on a giant nail on his wall. The iconic “chicken soup for the soul” collected 134 rejections before becoming the publishing juggernaut that it is today. Louisa May Alcott heard the phrase “hold on to your education” from an unpleasant editor.

All this rejection can exhaust you. You begin to get used to it, to expect it. And this expectation may be the most insidious part of all.

Overcoming rejection

As we build our thicker skin against rejection, the resulting callus can lead to blind spot formation. We pursue our technical goals and continue to put our work in the world, but instead of expecting ‘yes’, we begin to expect ‘no’.

This thick skin becomes prickly, And embracing it, we plunge ourselves into this familiar, uncomfortable space.

The thing is, if we keep snuggling in that place where a ‘no’ is expected, when we get a ‘yes’, we don’t know how to deal with it.

can you maybe Just imagine for a moment what your admission would look like?

And from there, can you start playing it? Can you pretend that your business will be incubated?

Play as a Rock Star writer

Let’s do it!

just for a few moments, Suppose you are a huge rock star and the whole world is clamoring for a souvenir!

What merchandise will be sold in your kiosk?

Of course, everyone wants a T-shirt with your name and a bibliography of your work on the back. Same with copies of your books, piles of which can cut the fingers of the wandering crowd.

Turn on your whims, fuel your curiosity, and engage your laughter muscles!

Think of your books and the wonderful worlds within them.

Does the main character’s aunt Doris bake a pound cake? Perhaps Aunt Doris’ cookbook is on sale.

How about a doll version of a spooky mansion where ghosts haunt the windows?

Or a Funko Pop version of your main character in full detective mode?

Does the SWAT Team in Your Thriller Deserve Action Figures?

Expand your mind. Expand your dreams.

Allow yourself to think that, even for a few moments, you can be a rock star.

with more fun, Best merch any geek at a sketchy kiosk ever sold!

*** Please note that this piece uses the tools of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching™ as I continue my journey to become certified in this style. You can find more information at http://www.kaizenmuse.com.


About book references

La BourgeoisLA (as in tra-la-la) Bourgeois supports writers, makers, and other creatives in growing their creative businesses and moving away from their day-to-day jobs.

As a creativity and business coach, you believe that exploring your creativity invites joy into your life, embracing your creativity infuses your life with joy, and showing your creativity gives you a happy purpose. Writing and knitting are her non-negotiable means, and she can usually be found with a pen or knitting needles in her hands.

Find her free guide, Trick yourself into a creative habit online at labourgeois.biz And start writing these words today. Can’t wait to read it!


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