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Let’s welcome back monthly columnist Ann Woodford as she shares with us: “Why I’m okay with my rebellious Nana being.” Enjoy!


Today is the day I admit that I probably won’t hit my NaNo word count goal.

It’s also the day I admit it’s okay.

I’ve only crossed the midpoint on NaNoWriMo as I stare at my word count of just over 19K. This is not nearly where I should be at this point.

I know I can do it, If life were different. In previous Nano experiments, it hit a word count well above 50k. But this year it looks like that won’t be the case.

Which makes me a NaNo rebel!

a nano rebel Anyone who does not comply with a project’s standard NaNoWriMo guidelines, which include fan fiction, memoirs, and short stories among other acceptable works.

Rebel projects include memoirs or non-fiction booksTexts, graphic novels, and of course anything under 50,000 words.

My rebellious status may be temporary. I mean there’s a chance, however slim, that I’ll be able to pull my word count out of the tank and finish strong, but that’s unlikely.

I will probably finish with around 30,000 words, or less, and I’d be glad I did. Because any words, even 5, are better than none at all.

So why am I a rebel this year?

I’m glad you asked!

In the past years, when I met or exceeded my goalI was in a different life space.

  • I was once a homemaker mom and had more time to devote to writing.
  • One year it was because my sleep cycle was disrupted and I woke up at 4 am, long before the family woke up. I needed a quiet activity to focus on and fill the time. You can write a lot in about 3 hours before your kids wake up.
  • And one year I spent a good part of my day sitting in a library while my daughter worked there. With little else to do, I brought my laptop, found a quiet corner, which is surprisingly easy in the library, and wrote.

This year, that’s not realistic.

My kids are grown upThey drive themselves to work and school. My sleep cycle more or less matches that of the world around me. And for the first time in my life as an adult, I work and have to meet deadlines and the expectations of others.

This is how I run this mod.

I forgive myself for not having the time and energy to commit to the NaNo that I have committed to in the past.

I’m getting older, my life has changed, my writing skill has changed.

I’ll be honest, the 100,000 I wrote in one year was 75% nonsense. Of course I didn’t realize it at the time, but I know it now. What I’m writing now, while not perfect, is much cleaner.

It’s kind of like if you washed your car with a garden hose and without soap – after driving through several deep mud puddles.

Yes, that kind of hygiene. But it’s okay, because I’m learning.

I’ve also started some freelance work and freelance work comes with time commitments and deadlines that I can’t afford to ignore.

I like to work. I would love to build a name and a reputation for quality, reliability and depth. But these words that I write for other people are taken from the words I could write for Malcolm and Gillian.

I got a part time outside job for some extra money due to recent changes in my personal life. And again, this takes time and energy that I can’t give my characters.

All is well, because I forgive myself and encourage what I can do.

So join me! Be a NaNo rebel!

Use this time to outline or develop your characters or sketch scenes.

If you can’t do NaNo this year, Forgive yourself, focus on your life, which is much more important than a random count of words in a busy month. There is always a new year.

Plan to join CampNaNo in April and July, both of which come with a caveat that you can set your own word count goal.

whatever you did, Remember that you are ultimately writing for yourself. If you don’t enjoy the writing process, take a step back and see what needs to be fixed so you can enjoy it.

If life is interfering with children, pets, family emergencies, or work, that’s okay. In some years, life needs us to share more than others. take care of yourself. Be kind and encourage yourself.

How are you with NaNo? Are you a rebel this year? How do you nurture your inner author this month? Check in and let me know!

If you want to know more about being a NaNo Rebel, check out this great post, NaNo Rebel Guide + Tracking Calculator. Jessica Brody provides suggestions for Rebel’s projects and how to track your progress. Being a rebel can be fun!


About Ann Woodford

Ann WoodfordAnn Woodford is a writer of many talents. She writes both fantasy and non-fiction novels and will release her first novel this year. She has just finished her Masters in Professional Communication and is working on building a writing consultancy project for her award, which will be launched soon. She works as a Marketing Assistant and Program Facilitator for Barani School of Imagination And doing training and cryptic writing on the side.


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