Winnie Harlow says the MTV EMAs award announcement was no shadow of Cardi B.

Winnie Harlow stepped into the ongoing “Queen of Hip-Hop” conversation to clarify her recent use of the compliment. As you may already know, Winnie basically tossed a can of gasoline into an emerging fire over the weekend. Model treated Nicki Minaj as “the one and only queen of hip-hop” while announcing Nicki winning “Best Hip-Hop” at the 2021 MTV Europe Music Awards. Now, Winnie has made it clear that there was no shadow in her compliment toward Cardi B. .

Winnie denies being Shady

“I didn’t see Haley’s speech at the time. I’ve been a fan since middle school and have always felt that way,” Winnie wrote. “I didn’t know Nikki won until they handed me the envelope backstage but I’m so proud of it. Cardi is my sweetheart to me. What shade? I like both.”

Winnie was responding to a tweet saying she “came at the right time” with a compliment to Nikki.

“Last night, Halle Berry tried to get shady and said Cardi B is the queen of hip hop. While announcing Nicki Minaj as the #emas hip hop winner, WINNIE liquidated Halle and said Nicki is the only queen of hip hop! I agree,” wrote the Twitter user of The Game Female wrap.

Halle Berry calls Cardi B the ‘Queen of Hip Hop’

If you’ve been wondering about Cardi and Halle Berry’s relationship to the conversation, let’s go back to a few days ago. Haley took the mic at a screening of her upcoming movie Bruised. While speaking, she took a moment to thank Cardi for being a co-executive producer on the film’s soundtrack.

“Today I want to thank Cardi B, she’s my partner in crime,” Haley said. “I hooked up with her, of course she’s the queen of hip-hop. She hooked up with Cardi and we paired up and I think created a soundtrack and an album that’s not only historical, but I think it’s a beautiful backdrop to this story.”

Nikki’s fans, better known as Barbs, started eating Haley because of her comment. However, the conversation started trending when Winnie took the stage on Sunday at the 2021 MTV EMAs. She presented Nicki Minaj with the “Best Hip Hop” award and used the same flattery. People on the Internet interpreted the moment as a shadow. Soon the phrases “Congratulations Nikki” and “Queen of Hip-Hop” began to appear on Twitter.

Haley also appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Monday night and doubled down on Cardi as the “Queen of Hip Hop”.

“You know I do,” Haley replied with the audience clapping in the background. “But here’s the thing, there’s room for more than one queen. That’s what we need to know. Nikki is a queen in her own right. She is a queen. All of these ladies to me are queens. It can always be more than one.”

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