Wisconsin motoring suspect identified as Daryl Brooks Jr – faces five premeditated murders World News

Roommates, new information on an SUV driver who drove through a roadblock, killing five and injuring 48 others at the Christmas parade in Westisconsin yesterday, it has been determined. According to Waukesha Police, Daryl Brooks Jr. has been identified as a suspect. He faces five counts of first-degree murder and other crimes. Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson spoke about the tragedy at a recent press conference sharing new findings.

“We are confident he acted alone,” Police Chief Thompson said. “There is no evidence that this is a terrorist incident.” According to CNN, President Thompson shared no known motive for Daryl’s actions. However, it appears that he may have a criminal history. Reports indicate that the 39-year-old Milwaukee native was involved in a domestic disturbance earlier Sunday. He left that scene before heading to the show.

At the time of the show, police tried to get Daryl as he approached the show in his SUV but couldn’t stop him from driving through the barricades. Commander Thompson further elaborated, saying: “As the suspect was driving through the crowd and into the crowd, an officer fired his gun and fired at the suspect to stop the threat but due to the number of people he had to stop, stop and shoot—no more shots fired. “.

So far, CNN has not mentioned the names of the victims but it did The ages of the five deceased victims ranged from 52 to 81, and among them were four women and one man. Daryl did not suffer any injuries during the accident. Our thoughts are with those affected by this tragedy.

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