WOPHA: Women, Photography and Feminism kicks off today in Miami

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© Anouchka Renaud Eck

The two-day event is the first meeting of photographic organizations, curators, artists and filmmakers from around the world, and includes the 1854 “Female in Focus” exhibition.

Participation in the presentation of the International Archive of Photographers (owner) and Perez Museum of Art Miami (PAMM), a conference of women’s photography organizations and prominent industry professionals, kicks off today, November 18 in Miami. The two-day event, with an in-person and virtual programme, seeks to facilitate discussion and celebrate the history and contributions of women in photography. The event aims to “rewrite established art law and bring about social change,” by addressing themes of “feminist aesthetics, archive decolonization, and curatorial strategies.”

This year’s conference comes under the title “Women, Photography and Feminism”. Aldeide Delgado, Latin art historian, curator, founder and director of WOPHA, conceptualized this gathering. “I believe in the power of photography as a political force to rearrange the structure of power and control over society,” says Delgado. “I was inspired by the legacy of the women’s section of the Cuban Photography Club and how, as a space for women’s socialization, it expanded the possibilities of creating and recognizing the artistic application of women in the public space. In the same vein, I envisioned the WOPHA conference as a space that will make women photographers visible while driving critical discussion about modern and contemporary photography by women and non-binary practitioners.”

© Paula Jimenez Quispe

© Paula Jimenez Quispe

© Paula Vivas.

© Natalia Garcia.

© Callie Spitzer.

© Maryam Khasto.

Key participants in the discussions include: Edure Alonso, Associate Curator of Latin American Groups at the Getty Research Institute; Manny Addaro, director and editor of Atlas: Visual Imaginary, art historian and curator; Albish Kantilal Patel, Associate Professor of Contemporary Art and Theory at Florida International University; and Mary Vickles, Director of Education at PAMM.

Elsewhere, an exhibition of the work of this year’s 1854 Media’s winners female in focus Including Judy Bateman and Paola Jiménez Quispe, at the newly opened Green Space Miami gallery tonight, on the eve of Art Basel in Miami Beach. Offer sponsored by MPB, forms part of a citywide program of exhibitions, performances, artist residencies, and studio visits that take place alongside the conference.

© Judy Bateman.

© Judy Bateman.

“I am honored to co-present the exhibition ‘Female in Focus’ as part of the celebration of the world’s first WOPHA conference,” says Delgado, who was a member of the competition jury. Photography, the Female in Focus award represents an extraordinary opportunity for emerging talents to promote their work through one of the most popular photography platforms. . “

To find out more about WOPHA Congress, head over to website

The exhibition “Female in Focus 2021” will be shown in Greenspace Miami as part of the inauguration of the International Archives of Women Photographers (Women in Focus) (ownerCongress, from November 18 to January 18, 2022

With thanks to this year’s sponsor: MPBThe world’s largest online platform for used photo and video collection

To learn more about “Female in Focus”, click here.

The Post-WOPHA Conference: Women, Photography, and Feminisms launched today in Miami made its debut at 1854 Photography.

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