You can criticize the actions of King K. Roll without resorting to insulting his weight

Well, gamers – we’re seeing a worrying trend in online discourse that needs to be addressed: the conversation surrounding the Kong family’s primary opponent has gone from agreeable to offensive. Please keep in mind that you can criticize King K’s actions. Roll without resorting to insulting its weight.

Let’s all act like adults here. There is no need to use hominem attacks advertising about the size or stature of King K. Rool like the kids in the schoolyard. This kind of boyish name calling is not what the gaming community stands for, and we ask all of you to stop it immediately.

Look, we understand there’s a lot of justifiable anger up the head of Kremling Krew for repeatedly trying to steal Kong’s Banana Treasure., but is it an exaggeration to demand that we maintain our criticism of his heinous actions and not reduce the discourse with derogatory insults such as “lard” and “fat”? These types of comments are not only offensive, But it actually backfires, giving defenders of K.Rool a chance to feign outrage and avoid his history of kidnapping and violence.

Likewise, we share your frustration that there is a double standard out there – residents of Crocodile Island often comment on Cranky Kong’s age or Diddy Kong’s height without fearing any backlash. In fact, the media seems to be expecting this gross behavior from the Kremlings, and it might seem outrageous not to be able to fight them on their own terms. But while it may seem sick at the moment to allow flying with a toxic insult, it’s important to remember that that’s not what we are: we shouldn’t reduce ourselves to the Crimmings’ level.

By keeping our message positive and inclusive, we can continue to increase support among the gaming community, and hashtagsIdai might even knock King K. Roll off this pirate ship once and for all. Thanks for reading, and we hope you agree.

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